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{post 6 - 103 Season 1 LOST icons for season20in20.. and yes, you read that right. 103. damn. icons.}

 photo faceless1-1.png  photo closeup7-1.png  photo solidbg5-1.png

"If we can't find a way to live together, then we're gonna die alone."

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier.. after I sleep.Collapse )

{post 4 - 59 (WHAT) Charlize Theron icons for celebs20in20}

 photo charlize-sexy1.png  photo charlize-catyellow2.png  photo charlize-ac61.png

"I think of myself as a highly sexual creature. I have to use that."

so. many. icons. *blinks*Collapse )
{post 3 - 40 Charlize Theron, & 3 Anna Torv, icons for blonde20in20}

 photo charlize-ac20.png  photo charlize-4squares1.png  photo charlize-cat9.png

"If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels."

more icons I get to post in my own darn journal, so much happy...Collapse )
{post 2 - 45 M.I.A. icons for musicians20in20}

 photo mia-energetic3-1.png  photo mia-cat6sharpened.png  photo mia-ac3.png

The first person in People magazine's history to decline being included on their annual list of the world's most beautiful. "Mother Theresa was never on the list, so why should I be?"

live fast, die young, bad girls do it well...Collapse )
{post 1 - 39 Chloe Grace Moretz icons for luck20in20}

 photo chloeac7.png  photo chloeonecolor1b.png  photo chloeac9.png

"I know I'm only 16, but treat me on the same level when I'm working."

what is this first cut in my own journal, i don't even...Collapse )
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